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Choosing the Right Motor Oil


As we wrote about previously, motor oil is vital to the health of your engine. However, it’s not just physically changing the oil that’s important, but also selecting the right kind of oil to suit the needs of the engine. Generally speaking, there are four main kinds of oil to choose from: conventional oil, full synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, and higher mileage oil.

  • Conventional oil. This is the most standard oil you’ll come across. It’s the least expensive at the auto store and is the variety most commonly found at dealerships as it’s easy to buy in bulk. It adheres to all necessary standards and is perfectly serviceable if you have a low-mileage engine and you’re devout when it comes to regular oil changes. Conventional oil offers no additional benefits, but it gets the job done at a reasonable price.
  • Full synthetic oil. This is the oil for high-tech engines and high-end cars. Full synthetic oil has passed rigorous tests and has superior performance in areas like viscosity index and deposit protection. It flows seamlessly in low temperatures and has excellent lubricity at high temperatures. While these oils are top of the line, your engine may not need this high level of performance if it’s a mid-grade car. If you’re not sure what kind of oil your engine needs, check the owner’s manual.
  • Synthetic blend oil. This is the oil that compromises between a conventional and a full synthetic. It is good for pickup/SUV drivers that want the performance of synthetics but don’t want the price and don’t need as many features. Synthetic blend oil is a combination of synthetic and organic oil, and provides more protection for heavier loads (which is why they’re popular with the pickup/SUV crowd) and higher temperatures as compared to conventional oil. It is also only slightly more expensive than conventional.
  • Higher mileage oil. Cars can last a long time if you take care of them correctly. If your ride is approaching the 100,000 mile club, it’s a good idea to switch to this oil that’s specifically made to support older engines. It’s equipped with antiwear properties and is also less likely to leak from engines where crankshaft seals have lost integrity due to wear and tear.

With the right oil, your car will get better gas mileage, perform better, and last longer. If you need help determining the best oil for your car, contact us at Downtown Auto Parts!