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Keep Your Body in Shape: Your Car’s Body


It’s not just humans who have bodies to take care of: in auto parlance, the “body” of the car refers to anything that sits on the chassis of the vehicle.

The term “auto body repair” refers to any maintenance done on the body of the vehicle, such as buffing out rust or fixing dents in the bumper. It’s important to keep your car’s body in good shape for a variety of reasons:

  • Bad auto bodies affect resale value. If your car is rusted out and covered with dents, you may have a hard time finding a buyer even if you’re selling below Blue Book value and the rest of the car is in perfect working order!
  • Bad auto bodies can affect the safety of a vehicle. Most of us have seen somebody driving down the road dragging a bumper behind him or her, or having it duct taped into place. This is obviously a safety hazard.
  • Bad auto bodies may make a car un-drivable. This is particularly the case with rust; what seems like a small problem at first can quickly eat away at your car and affect door closures and more.

It’s no secret that auto body repair can cost a small fortune. If you’re in need of auto body repair, here are some tips to help with the process.

  1. Understand your insurance. Auto body repair can be shockingly expensive. Many deductibles are set at around $500, but you may have had your deductable bumped up in order to save on monthly payments. Always be prepared to pay the full deductable.
  1. Get multiple estimates. Don’t just go to the places your insurance recommends. These places may be tempted to cut corners since they’ll get pre-negotiated insurance rates, and these rates may be low. Get an initial quote and then try a variety of different chain outlets, independent shops, and dealerships.
  1. Understand what you’ll pay for rental. If your car is in the shop and wheels are necessary for you, you’ll be stuck paying for a rental. Do you have rental-car allowance in your insurance? If so, what sort of car does it provide for? Some will only give you access to compact cars. If that isn’t going to work for you, re-evaluate your insurance.

Understanding your insurance is the answer to getting through necessary auto body repair. For more information about this and other car issues, contact us today at Downtown Auto Parts!