Why Won’t My Car Start?

Cars are mechanical things, and, like all mechanical devices, they can experience trouble from time to time. Many people, however, don’t know a lot about the intimate workings of cars, so when they get in the driver’s seat, turn the ignition, and the engine doesn’t start, it can be a baffling situation. Since a car […]

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Keep Your Body in Shape: Your Car’s Body

It’s not just humans who have bodies to take care of: in auto parlance, the “body” of the car refers to anything that sits on the chassis of the vehicle. The term “auto body repair” refers to any maintenance done on the body of the vehicle, such as buffing out rust or fixing dents in […]

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Is Your Transmission in Trouble?

If you have a car, whether manual or automatic, it has a transmission. In automatic cars it’s the part of the engine that shifts the car from gear to gear, while in manual cars, you operate it with a clutch and manually shift. Essentially, the transmission is what controls the power the engine produces, allowing […]

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Get in Tune with Tune Ups

A “tune up” seems to be one of the buzzwords of the automotive industry, but not many people know exactly what it means. Essentially, the definition of a tune up depends on the age of your car. In the modern car era, the tune up, as it was known, doesn’t even exist anymore! New cars […]

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Choosing the Right Motor Oil

As we wrote about previously, motor oil is vital to the health of your engine. However, it’s not just physically changing the oil that’s important, but also selecting the right kind of oil to suit the needs of the engine. Generally speaking, there are four main kinds of oil to choose from: conventional oil, full […]

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Auto Parts Fort Lauderdale

Give Us Your Feedback, Review Us Online!

Word of mouth is considered one of the best options especially when you are looking for a certain buyer of a car. It doesn’t matter in this day and age  that a dealership is advertising car parts for sale on the radio or television. The advice from a family member or close friends is one […]

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Resolving The Most Common Auto Parts Failures

Owners must deeply realize that the longevity and health of their cars rely on the overall maintenance. The maintenance must be provided throughout the years. Luckily, the majority of maintenance options are made simpler with shorter time. For instance, cars must undergo a change of oil after every five thousand miles or even longer, which […]

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Car Parts Florida: Giving the Best Parts that Car Deserves

Your car can be one of your most valuable possessions so as much as possible, you wanted to extend the best care and maintenance that it needs. Purchasing car parts whenever there are needed repairs and replacements is one of your duties as car owner. Getting off the road has also been a common routine […]

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For Sale: Model: Dodge Dakota Pick Up 2wd-5-speed / Stick Mileage: 126,000 Year: 1995 Specs: – Two Owners – 20 Thousand Mile Engine (Re-Built in July) – New A/C – Long Bed 4-cycle & Great on Gas! – No Accidents Asking Price: $2850.00-or best cash offer !!!! #954-829-8296

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Why Salvage Yards Are Best

Auto repair can be expensive. New parts from the dealer can be astronomical in price and aftermarket parts can be pricey as well. Although new parts are great and recommended for safety items such as brakes they are not always the most economical choice. Also known as Junkyards automotive Salvage Yards can provide you with […]

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