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Why Won’t My Car Start?


Cars are mechanical things, and, like all mechanical devices, they can experience trouble from time to time. Many people, however, don’t know a lot about the intimate workings of cars, so when they get in the driver’s seat, turn the ignition, and the engine doesn’t start, it can be a baffling situation.

Since a car is a complex machine, there could be any number of reasons why one won’t start. We’ve compiled a basic list of common car start issues for your reference:

  1. Your battery might be dead. This is one of the most common reasons a car won’t start. The good news is that this is a relatively benign problem to have and is often easy to diagnose with a jump-start. If your car produces a clicking noise when you try to start it, but then it revs to life after a jump, it’s most likely your battery is dead. All you need to do is replace the battery, clean the battery connections, and you’re ready to hit the road.
  1. Your car’s electric system might be malfunctioning. If you own a newer car, the electrical system is paramount to the car functioning. If the electrical components don’t work, the car doesn’t work. Pop the hood and take a look to see if any of the wires are disconnected or corroded. You can also check to see if the connections are secure by giving the wires a little shake.
  1. Your battery might be corroded. If you turn the key in the ignition and the car is absolutely silent, this is the most likely culprit. In order to fix this you’ll need to clean the battery’s cables or replace them.
  1. Your spark plugs might be bad. Spark plugs literally generate the spark needed to start an engine. If they are bad, corroded, or if they have moisture in them, you’re not going to be able to start the car.
  1. Your car might be out of gas. This seems like a very obvious issue to check, but many people end up calling mechanics to fix their cars when the real issue was lack of fuel. Make this the first thing you look at before calling in a professional!

If your car won’t start and you can’t diagnose the issue, contacting professionals like us at Downtown Auto Parts can help you get back in the driver’s seat quickly and efficiently.

Keep Your Body in Shape: Your Car’s Body


It’s not just humans who have bodies to take care of: in auto parlance, the “body” of the car refers to anything that sits on the chassis of the vehicle.

The term “auto body repair” refers to any maintenance done on the body of the vehicle, such as buffing out rust or fixing dents in the bumper. It’s important to keep your car’s body in good shape for a variety of reasons:

  • Bad auto bodies affect resale value. If your car is rusted out and covered with dents, you may have a hard time finding a buyer even if you’re selling below Blue Book value and the rest of the car is in perfect working order!
  • Bad auto bodies can affect the safety of a vehicle. Most of us have seen somebody driving down the road dragging a bumper behind him or her, or having it duct taped into place. This is obviously a safety hazard.
  • Bad auto bodies may make a car un-drivable. This is particularly the case with rust; what seems like a small problem at first can quickly eat away at your car and affect door closures and more.

It’s no secret that auto body repair can cost a small fortune. If you’re in need of auto body repair, here are some tips to help with the process.

  1. Understand your insurance. Auto body repair can be shockingly expensive. Many deductibles are set at around $500, but you may have had your deductable bumped up in order to save on monthly payments. Always be prepared to pay the full deductable.
  1. Get multiple estimates. Don’t just go to the places your insurance recommends. These places may be tempted to cut corners since they’ll get pre-negotiated insurance rates, and these rates may be low. Get an initial quote and then try a variety of different chain outlets, independent shops, and dealerships.
  1. Understand what you’ll pay for rental. If your car is in the shop and wheels are necessary for you, you’ll be stuck paying for a rental. Do you have rental-car allowance in your insurance? If so, what sort of car does it provide for? Some will only give you access to compact cars. If that isn’t going to work for you, re-evaluate your insurance.

Understanding your insurance is the answer to getting through necessary auto body repair. For more information about this and other car issues, contact us today at Downtown Auto Parts!

Is Your Transmission in Trouble?


If you have a car, whether manual or automatic, it has a transmission. In automatic cars it’s the part of the engine that shifts the car from gear to gear, while in manual cars, you operate it with a clutch and manually shift. Essentially, the transmission is what controls the power the engine produces, allowing the driver to control the vehicle.

It’s obvious why a transmission is vital to the functioning of a vehicle. If the transmission is malfunctioning, the car can’t switch gears, and you literally cannot drive it. It’s important to pay attention to all aspects of engine health, but transmission problems are often considered to be among the most serious. There are some telltale signs of transmission trouble, and if you’re experiencing any of them, you need to get repairs fast. Here is a list of some common issues:

  1. Your car is slipping out of gear. If your car can’t hold a certain gear, you’re encountering “gear slippage,” and this is very serious. A car with gear slippage can shift without your permission, rendering controlling the car nearly impossible.
  1. You see bright red fluid underneath your car. A lot of people will mistake this for oil, but transmission fluid has a distinctive reddish hue. However, if the transmission fluid is old, it might be slightly brown. Transmission fluid is slick, and smells similar to petroleum. The leak will generally appear around the front or middle of your car.
  1. You smell something burning. This indicates your transmission is overheating. An overheated transmission is a problem, as it can burn out if not kept properly lubricated. In this situation, you may simply not have enough transmission fluid in the car; the fluid has become dirty, or there’s a leak.
  1. The car violently shakes. This usually means your clutch has jammed, and the shaking will feel like it’s coming from underneath the car. This problem can affect the power output of the engine as well.
  1. The “check engine” light is on. Of course, this is indicative of any number of problems with the engine, but many people ignore this warning!

The transmission is one of the most vital parts of a car’s engine. Failure to pay attention to transmission problems can ruin your engine, resulting in costly repairs, or even posing a safety hazard. Make sure to service your transmission regularly!

If you have questions about the health and maintenance of your transmission, make sure to come in to Downtown Auto Parts so we can take a look and advise.

Get in Tune with Tune Ups


A “tune up” seems to be one of the buzzwords of the automotive industry, but not many people know exactly what it means. Essentially, the definition of a tune up depends on the age of your car. In the modern car era, the tune up, as it was known, doesn’t even exist anymore! New cars have platinum spark plugs, high voltage electronic engines that are fuel-injected, and tend to take care of themselves to a large degree. If you have a newer car, the only “tune up” it will need is a spark plug and spark plug wire change, which should occur every 60,000 miles or so.

In fact, if your car was produced after 1995 it’s not a good idea to go into a mechanic shop and ask for a “tune up.” Without telling your mechanic exactly what the problem is, if he or she is dishonest, there may be extra unnecessary work performed, adding to your bill.

However, if your car was manufactured in the 70s, 80s, or early 90s, it needs the traditional definition of a tune up. These cars are far more mechanical in nature as opposed to electronic, and have a carburetor, semi-mechanical ignition, and fuel-metering systems alongside mechanical ignition points. Older cars have far more moving parts than newer cars, and that is how the term “tune up” originated. With so many physically moving parts being activated as frequently as a car engine is, it’s likely that one of the parts will get out of alignment with the others. In order to make sure the engine stays “in tune” and working properly, it’s necessary to have a mechanic look inside the engine and make small adjustments to promote engine health.

Not sure whether your car needs tuning or not? The best place to find information is in the owner’s manual. There, you can find what sort of engine you have and what maintenance it needs.

If your car does require manual tune ups, get one if you experience frequent stalling, have a difficult time starting the car, and experience roughness when the car accelerates or idles. These are telltale signs that something’s off inside the engine and should be tweaked.

If you’re unsure about the kind of engine you have and whether or not you need tune ups, contact us at Downtown Auto Parts. We can provide information about what your car needs to run optimally.

Choosing the Right Motor Oil


As we wrote about previously, motor oil is vital to the health of your engine. However, it’s not just physically changing the oil that’s important, but also selecting the right kind of oil to suit the needs of the engine. Generally speaking, there are four main kinds of oil to choose from: conventional oil, full synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, and higher mileage oil.

  • Conventional oil. This is the most standard oil you’ll come across. It’s the least expensive at the auto store and is the variety most commonly found at dealerships as it’s easy to buy in bulk. It adheres to all necessary standards and is perfectly serviceable if you have a low-mileage engine and you’re devout when it comes to regular oil changes. Conventional oil offers no additional benefits, but it gets the job done at a reasonable price.
  • Full synthetic oil. This is the oil for high-tech engines and high-end cars. Full synthetic oil has passed rigorous tests and has superior performance in areas like viscosity index and deposit protection. It flows seamlessly in low temperatures and has excellent lubricity at high temperatures. While these oils are top of the line, your engine may not need this high level of performance if it’s a mid-grade car. If you’re not sure what kind of oil your engine needs, check the owner’s manual.
  • Synthetic blend oil. This is the oil that compromises between a conventional and a full synthetic. It is good for pickup/SUV drivers that want the performance of synthetics but don’t want the price and don’t need as many features. Synthetic blend oil is a combination of synthetic and organic oil, and provides more protection for heavier loads (which is why they’re popular with the pickup/SUV crowd) and higher temperatures as compared to conventional oil. It is also only slightly more expensive than conventional.
  • Higher mileage oil. Cars can last a long time if you take care of them correctly. If your ride is approaching the 100,000 mile club, it’s a good idea to switch to this oil that’s specifically made to support older engines. It’s equipped with antiwear properties and is also less likely to leak from engines where crankshaft seals have lost integrity due to wear and tear.

With the right oil, your car will get better gas mileage, perform better, and last longer. If you need help determining the best oil for your car, contact us at Downtown Auto Parts!

Resolving The Most Common Auto Parts Failures

Owners must deeply realize that the longevity and health of their cars rely on the overall maintenance. The maintenance must be provided throughout the years. Luckily, the majority of maintenance options are made simpler with shorter time. For instance, cars must undergo a change of oil after every five thousand miles or even longer, which depends on the manual of the owners.

There is also a need to occasionally replace the fuel filters and air. The tire pressure and fluid levels must be checked on a day-to-day basis. If you are sincerely diligent in doing all these things, you can expect to have a vehicle that operates smoothly and perfectly for several years.

Sooner or later, old age comes in spite of the things that you do in keeping it at bay. The auto parts will still fail and need replacement. With Auto Parts Florida, it is possible to resolve the most common auto parts failures. Below are some of the parts or components that should be replaced:

The Transmission

Failure in the transmission is quite expensive. However, small problems like leaks may be fixed in a short period of time. Drivers must always remember that a failure should mean of replacing the whole assembly. This is due to the reason that many of the shops are reluctant in performing an absolute overhaul because of the time that is involved. The transmissions which are installed on the latest models of vehicles may last for about one-hundred thousand miles.

Fuel Pump

Fuel pump is mainly responsible in the delivery of gasoline to the fuel injection. Once the fuel pump has failed, the engine of the car will no longer obtain the gas that is needed in the combustion process. If one is driving a vehicle, one may likely replace the fuel pump at fifty thousand miles. It may take time in replacing the gas tank. As the pump may cost for hundreds of dollars; the labor may even cost twice. However, this is not a problem with one of the auto parts Florida centers

The Battery

By searching all over the Florida for Auto Parts, car batteries can be replaced right away. Actually, car batteries last for about three to six years. Their durability is dependent on the model and brand that is purchased. The climate also plays its important role in the resistance of the batteries. Batteries to find in the auto parts Florida are inexpensive and may be replaced even without the presence of a mechanic.

Braking System

Another component that must be replaced at Auto Parts Florida is a car’s braking system. The brakes must be repaired completely. The majority of brake jobs should focus on the pads. The pads usually wear down and should be replaced even before they start grinding the rotors. Once it happens, the rotors should be monitored.

Brake pads must be replaced after every fifty-thousand miles or even more. As for heavy SUV’s, they can be replaced at around thirty-five thousand miles. The pads may cost inexpensively; as they may even be installed on most homes. The rotors can be replaced with the expertise and tools from Downtown Auto Parts!

Tips to Find the Most Favorable Used Auto Parts In Florida

In today’s tough economic environment, it is almost tempting to disregard the unusual noise produced by your car. In this case, it might require some auto parts that are either expensive or difficult to find. However, this is not the case as always. While purchasing new auto parts is expensive, you may find a better resort with the availability of used auto parts Florida.

But then, even if you have an option with used auto parts Florida, it is still important that you know the things you have to consider when choosing them. So, before you decide to purchase used parts for your own car, the following are some simple tips you may use:

  • Determine The Auto Parts You Require. It is certainly annoying when you order a certain car part and figure out later on that it just does not fit. So, to avoid this annoyance, you can consider taking the car part with you as you go to a store. But then, do not be surprised if it needs to be ordered specially.
  • Never Be Afraid to Look As If You’re A Novice. People work in buying and selling of used auto parts cope with beginners almost every day. Hence, don’t worry and don’t be shy if you will look like one. Being a beginner, you must be open to suggestions and learning. Do not hesitate to address your queries to the provider to whom you are ordering the parts from. This will provide you helpful information regarding the concerns with your requirements.
  • When you are getting some trouble locating the auto part that you require, you can have a visit at a swap meet in your locality. You also have wreckers as another option or better yet go and search online. But, you need to be informed that once you go for second hand auto parts, they are not always returnable.
  • Look For A Reliable Provider. Since you will go for used car parts, you will still never wish to put their quality at risk. In this case, making sure that the provider you choose is reliable should be a great move. Ensuring that the provider of your required used auto parts is reliable provides you a higher chance of acquiring the dependable pieces.

Once you consider purchasing used auto parts Florida, having them checked by a professional can be considered. You can let a professional check your purchased parts for typical wear and tear before starting to reuse them.

Some of the possible used auto parts you can check include body parts, body panels, carburetors, air box, coolant reservoir, cigarette lighter, belt driven, exhaust heat shield, exhaust manifold, pulleys, steering wheel, tail lights, tie rods, throttle body, and a lot more.

If there are used car parts that are possible for reusing, you must be informed that there are also some pieces that should no longer be reused. These parts include air bags, ball joints, airbag sensors, bearings, battery, brake light switch, brake shoes, clutch disc, distributor cap, engine bearings, gaskets, oil fuel, headlights, ignition condenser, fuses, fuel lines, MAF, muffler hangers, piston rings, and many more.

Knowing these details when shopping for used auto parts in Florida can be a great help for getting the best.

Car Parts Florida: Giving the Best Parts that Car Deserves

Your car can be one of your most valuable possessions so as much as possible, you wanted to extend the best care and maintenance that it needs. Purchasing car parts whenever there are needed repairs and replacements is one of your duties as car owner.

Getting off the road has also been a common routine for car owners and somewhere along the way, they encounter situations affecting the condition and over-all performance of their cars. Situations like these can really be frustrating especially if you seriously need your car for your daily functions. Good thing is that there are numerous providers that can grace you with new and used car parts that you need.

Car Parts Florida is the key towards dealing with your car problems and needs. This sells car parts for many types of cars such as sports cars, economical cars and classic cars. Among the new car parts they offer are the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Windshields
  • Radiators
  • Starters
  • Headlights
  • Door Glass
  • Tail Lights

Car Parts Florida also offers arrays of used car parts for customers who prefer used parts over the new ones. This guarantees that all used car parts are of high quality, functional, and in good condition. The following are the used auto parts being offered:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Transmissions
  • Mirrors
  • Door Glass
  • Engines
  • Vehicle Computers

Downtown Auto can offer you even the parts that are hard to find. The reason why many customers are availing their products is that these are sold on reduced costs. It is true that most car owners have the desire to get original parts for their cars but it is also undeniable that not all of them can afford for these parts.

Car Parts Florida understands these kinds of situations so to ease your fears and worries, affordable options are made available for you. All parts come with warranty and customers are also given prior assistance with regards to repairs and installations of both new and used car Parts  successfully purchased.

You are guaranteed to save time and money when you avail the parts that you need for your car from Downtown Auto. In case they do not have the parts you are looking for, they can refer you to other providers. They are tied to several salvage yards and junk yards across the Florida state. Aside from new and used auto parts, Downtown Auto is also a distributor of several manufacturers’ parts such as fenders, hoods, doors, radiators, auto glass, bumpers, quarter panels, and many more.

Grace your most valued possession the best parts that it deserves. You can expect for improvement on its condition and performance. For long term efficiency, you can count on Car Parts Florida because this can provide you with the parts that your cars specifically needs. Buying authentic parts is great but it does not necessarily mean that you can no longer take the option of going for used car parts. Both are equally useful and longer-lasting if you get these parts from Car Parts Florida.


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Replacing Your Headlights

Driving at night with burned out or poor performing headlights is not only a safety hazard but it can yield you a nice ticket. If your headlights are barley visible you may as well be driving at night with sunglasses on. Sure that worked for the Blues Brothers but it is not really a recommended practice. If it is getting harder and harder at night to see the road in front of you it is time to check your headlights.

Most modern vehicle are equipped with headlights that have replaceable bulbs. Older cars and some newer trucks had sealed beam headlights which is the lamp assembly and bulb together as one. Each has their advantages and disadvantages which could be a topic all in its own for further discussion further down the road. Right now we will focus on something they both have in common which is poor performance due to age and deterioration. Both types can suffer the same consequences and when they fail or get weak your level of safety on the road declines. Not only is it harder for you to see at night but it is also harder for others to see you.

Both types will get week and eventually burn out. We have all seen that one car going down the road with a burned out headlight sometimes referred to as a “Popeye”. Not only can this yield you a nice fat ticket but it is a seriously unsafe way to drive. Both types eventually get fogged over and become opaque or yellowish limiting the amount of light output. Replaceable bulb style headlights tend suffer this condition more often than sealed beam style headlights. The lenses of replaceable bulb headlights are usually made of plastic and over time lose their clarity from road debris constantly scratching them. Sealed beam bulbs have glass lenses and tend to maintain their clarity longer.

So what do you do about these issues? How often should you change your headlight bulbs? What can be done to make foggy or discolored headlights better? How about the rest of the bulbs in my vehicle?

There is no definitive guide on the market that will tell you how long a headlight bulb will last. For a good general guideline we recommend checking the bulbs frequently for operation and change all of your headlight bulbs about every 18 months in pairs. This will minimize a chance of them blowing when you least expect it. This is only a recommendation. When it comes to headlights always replace in pairs.

Now there are several ways to deal with discolored, or foggy headlights. The best way to fix the issue is to replace the bulbs (sealed beams) or headlight assemblies (replaceable bulb headlights) once they are to dim to safely light the road. If you want to try and save some money there are also headlight cleaning kits available that can be quite successful if used correctly. These kits can bring back headlight lenses to about 75-90% of the original clarity. Although they can only be cleaned so many times before replacement becomes necessary. Going to the dealer for new headlights can be very expensive. There are a number of aftermarket alternatives on the market that are just as good and more economical. Downtown Auto Parts has a wide selection of new and used headlight assemblies and sealed beam headlight bulbs.

So what about turn signal, tail light, and other bulbs in your car? These are the most overlooked bulbs on a vehicle and yet having a burned out taillight or turn signal bulb can get you a ticket just as fast and is also a safety concern. Routinely check the rest of you light bulbs. It is fairly easy and quick to do. Just like headlamp bulbs we recommend to replace them in pairs. So if the right rear tail light is burned out save yourself a headache and replace both sides.

Bulb replacement is easy. If you still have the owners manual there is a 99% chance there are instructions in that manual on how to change them. If you do not have the manual or need some advice stop in at Downtown Auto Parts. The staff at Downtown Auto Parts has years of experience in auto repair and they are the best at helping you find the right bulbs and headlights for your vehicle. Downtown Auto Parts is your one stop shopping destination for everything automotive. The friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff are

always there to help you in any way they can. Their years of experience with new and used auto parts and auto repair is world class and no one in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida knows your car better.

Stop in at Downtown Auto Parts even if you just have a question. There is no one else in South Florida that knows your vehicle better than these guys. Downtown Auto Parts has the largest selection hands down for new and used car parts in Fort Lauderdale Florida and they are always willing to help. Open 6 days a week for your convenience you will always be treated with the professionalism and integrity your expect and deserve.